ANA-Michigan Position Statements

Letter to the Governor

ANA-Michigan wrote a letter of support to Governor Whitmer regarding her Get it Done: Healthy Michigan, Healthy Economy initiative.  To view the letter and see the positions we take, please click here: Letter to Governor

ANA Michigan Position Statement

ANA-Michigan launches a new position statement on February 9, 2018! Read the entire new statement on Safe Nurse Staffing to Improve Quality of Care!


Policy Platforms

ANA-Michigan shall take public positions on legislation and health policy proposals, and recommend actions based on the following Platform and process.

ANA-Michigan position statements articulate the Association’s stand on health care policy proposals of importance to its membership and the public it serves. Positions are generated in response to trends and best practices in health care and health policy related to current and emerging issues that impact the health of the citizens of Michigan, their access to care, standards and excellence in nursing practice; and the profession of nursing.

All proposed policy positions are first bench-marked to the ANA-Michigan Mission, Vision and Strategic Values. The criteria below are also applied to the analysis and recommendation of policy positions to the Board of Directors.

Access to Quality Care

  • Promote accessibility to healthcare for all residents of Michigan
  • Support services for vulnerable populations
  • Ensure nursing care by appropriate licensed providers
  • Assure basic human needs services that impact individual health status
  • Support programs that enhance health literacy

Human Rights/Social Justice

  • Provide for informed healthcare choices through evidence based education of Michigan residents
  • Support legislative proposals that positively impact the health and welfare of Michigan residents
  • Educate legislators when proposals would negatively impact the health and well-being of Michigan residents
  • Oppose discrimination in health policies/regulations and delivery of care
  • Support competent care for diverse Michigan populations
  • Protect the privacy of Michigan residents in issues of healthcare

Quality and Safety of Health Care

  • Maintain state policies and regulations consistent with national nursing standards
  • Support for programs that address health promotion and maintenance and prevention of disease/disability
  • Actively collaborate with healthcare organizations within the state for purposes of quality care, patient safety and nursing input

Advances in the Practice and/or Profession of Nursing

  • Promote the viability of professional nursing organizations
  • Promote statewide communication within the profession
  • Encourage occupational health and safety of nurses
  • Support public funding for nursing research and education

Approved by ANA-Michigan Board of Directors on September 19, 2015.