2018 President-Elect Candidates

ANA-Michigan membership will be electing the office of President-elect, term serving November 2018 through 2020 and then transitioning to President for a two-year term in 2020.

New to the election process will be a “Meet the Candidate Forum” which will be held on Monday, August 20th at 7:00 pm. This is a chance for the membership to get to meet the four candidates and have time to ask them questions before voting. Every member will be able to access the forum in the comforts of their own home or office by using either their laptop, smart phone or tablet. The candidate forum will be conducted by Zoom.

Details on how to access the forum will be emailed to the membership the week of August 13th. All current and valid members will receive their official electronic ballot, by email, on Thursday, August 23, 2018. The email will contain instructions on how to cast your vote. Voting will remain open until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

Election results will be announced during the Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, October 26, 2018 in Rochester, Michigan.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a consent to serve and special thank you to the nominating committee: MaryLee Pakieser (Chair), Jeanine Easterday, Sally Decker, Kris Allen and Joan Bickes.

Margaret M. Calarco,


PLYMOUTH, MI – Region 8

Current Position: Director for Clinical Innovation, University of Michigan School of Nursing

“The issues facing our profession continue to be the need to create and sustain safe and empowering practice environments which enable professional nurses to flourish and practice at the top of their license and education. The growing threat of increasing violence in the work setting, the opioid epidemic, and professional bum-out are very real threats to our profession internally. Externally, health care and health care reform have never been more fragmented and tenuous. Our communities are yearning for better ways to prevent illness, maintain health and navigate their health and illness care successfully and in sustainable ways. The prevention of illness, the maintenance of health and the coordination of care have always been the hallmarks of nursing science so there is no better time than now to come together as professional nurses, joining our communities to co-create new models of health care. For much of our history we have practiced in the shadow of others and this is the time to demonstrate the significant impact of nursing care and health care to society.

During the last 20 years of my career, I have focused on bringing thousands of professional nurses together to co­create a strong and empowered professional practice environment, by engaging our patients, families, and colleagues in all the processes we created. This work was done within our organization and influenced the nursing profession at-large through our nurses’ practice and scholarship. I am now seeking to serve the nursing profession in a much broader and more impactful way by serving as the President-Elect. In this role, I am confident that I can join the other leaders of ANA-Michigan and most importantly the members to co-create innovative models of caring for and developing each other, as well as, joining the diverse communities we serve to co-create better and more sustainable models of health care.”

Katherine Dontje,


BATH, MI – Region 6

Current Position: Associate Professor, Michigan State University

“A key issue facing nursing is safe staffing ratios. Solutions including developing flexible staffing ratios based on patient acuity to innovative ideas focused on reimbursement for nursing services. I would work with stakeholders to support the best solution for Michigan. Defining, protecting and advancing the scope of practice for all nurses in Michigan’s restrictive practice environment is another key issue. I would address this through legislative and regulatory means. Membership growth is essential. I would work with the organization to explore ways to engage and grow membership through strategies such as educational offerings and topic focuses task forces.

ANA-Michigan’s mission is to advance the nursing profession in Michigan. I am passionate about the role of nursing and the importance of supporting and expanding the scope of nursing practice. Nurses are the key to providing high-quality care for all individuals in Michigan. In order to do that we need a strong nursing organization to support the profession of nursing. My background and experience in health systems, outpatient clinics and academia provide me with the tools necessary to serve and provide leadership to the organization. I hope you will support my candidacy for President-Elect of ANA-Michigan.”

Matthew M. McDonell,


LANSING, MI – Region 6

Current Position: Lead APP Sparrow Emergency Department
ER Fellowship Director, Emergency Physician Medical Group

“I think the greatest issue facing the ANA and Nurse Practitioner Education Programs are exclusive online for-profit NP programs. I feel these programs do not prepare Nurse Practitioners for the working environment and the programs need to be evaluated and critiqued more to ensure we are having properly educated Nurse Practitioner graduates. Today’s Nurse Practitioners must be educated to practice medicine on top of the licensure.

I feel I am best suited to serve as President-Elect because I am heavily involved with the education of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners who rotate through the Emergency Department. I am also a Lead Advanced Practice Provider for EPMG’s Sparrow Campus as well as part of the Leadership and Management Forum. In addition to the Lead APP position, I am also the Fellowship Director for new graduate APPs who wish to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine. I lead the APPs in education and training to practice at the top of the license.”

Julia Stocker Schneider, 

Ph.D., RN, CNL

Pinckney, MI – Region 8

Current Position: Associate Professor & Coordinator, Health Systems Management & Clinical Nurse Leader Programs, University of Detroit Mercy

“Continued membership expansion and engagement is important for ANA-Ml, as the association strive to be more visible and more relevant to nurses throughout Michigan. Strategies to attract nurses of all generations should be continued, and the restructuring plan that will allow new ways for nurses to engage and be active in ANA-Ml should be embraced. It is through member engagement that the work of the association is best accomplished. This will allow us to strengthen our presence as the professional voice for nursing in Michigan, and allow us to coordinate that voice with other nursing and interprofessional stakeholders statewide.

I have gained much from my involvement in ANA-MI and would like other nurses to benefit from the opportunities for networking, advocacy, and leadership development. I would like to use the leadership skills I have gained to help lead ANA-Ml in continued growth, presence, and influence in the state. I have past association leadership experience and have grown over the years in my knowledge of governance and advocacy. I can apply the knowledge and skills that I teach related to quality improvement as we strive together to make our Association stronger. I would be honored to serve as President-Elect of ANA-MI.”