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American Nurses Association - Michigan is the professional association for registered nurses in the state.  Previously, RN-AIM, Registered Nurses Association in Michigan, became the 51st state nurses association to affiliate with ANA, on September 23, 2011.  Learn More

The Changing Face of Nursing in Michigan Scholarships and Awards


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ANA health economist Peter McMenamin, PhD to Keynote at ANA-Michigan Conference
See this recent published statement by Peter McMenamin: ANA Health Economist Contends Physicians' Report Lowballs Percentage of NPs in Primary Care

ANA Press Release - Beatrice Kalisch - ANA-Michigan
Beatrice Kalisch chosen as the Distinguished Institute of Medicine Nurse Scholar-in-Residence - Nurse Leader to Influence America's Health Care Policy - Watch for Press Release from ANA

On behalf of the ANA Department of Government Affairs
In addition to ANA's major legislative initiatives, Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act, Safe Staffing, and Safe Patient Handling and Movement; we are tracking a few provisions that impact nurses in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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Veteran-centric Health or Nurses as Veterans
Speaker:  Sandra Welling 
Location: TBD